“Isagenix built its reputation on exceeding all standards commonly used in the nutraceutical industry and this vision of creating a no-compromise company places Isagenix in a category of its own.” 

- John W. Anderson  

Isagenix Founder and Master Formulator

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Nutrition for the Body

IsaLean® Shake is a superfood meal replacement packed with incredible flavor and the nutrients your body craves to support healthy weight loss, lean muscle building, and a better lifestyle.  It has energy-fueling carbs, good fats, vitamins and minerals, and 24 grams of high-quality protein — all perfectly balanced to create a meal replacement that’s equally delicious and effective.

10 Reasons to love 

IsaLean Shake

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Whole Blend - Vitamers

Nutrition Facts

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IsaLean Shake Plant Base


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Healthier You

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What are Adaptogens

Natural Stress Relief from Plants

Ionix Supreme

Help Balance our Bodies so 

we can better Handle and Adapt to Stress

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Cleanse for Life

Help support your Body’s 

Natural Detoxification process

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Natural Accelerator

A great way to Naturally Boost your Metabolism

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Healthy Chocolate

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An Herbal Supplement for Digestive Regularity

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IsaLean Bars
Nature Oat Bakes
IsaLean Bars Plant-Based
Whole Blend IsaLean Bar
Snack Bites
Isagenix Snacks
Whey Thins
Harvest Thins Plant Based


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Built for Perfomance
Backed by Science

Nutritional timing is key to athletic performance.

Amped Performance line is designed to specifically help you 

in pre-workouts, during, & post workouts.

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AMPED Hydrate
AMPED Repair
AMPED Nitro Sticks
AMPED Tri-Release Protein

Vitality + Well Being

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Complete Essential 


Strong Foundation for Nutrient Support

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IsaGenesis Women
IsaGenesis Men


Improves Overall  Healthy-Aging benefits such as Vitality, Vital Organ Support, & Immune Support

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e+ Energy Shots

Unique combination of Caffeine from Green Tea & Yerba Mate paired with a blend of proprietary Adaptogen

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Packed with Raw Vitamins(A,C,E) from Fruits, Vegetables, Adaptogens, Antioxidants, & Naturally sourced Caffeine from Green Tea

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Collagen Bone Broth


Infused with 8g high-quality Collagen Peptides & Vitamin C - both crucial components the body needs to produce Collagen & Boost the Vitality of Skin.

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IsaPro Whey Protein

Nutrition Facts

Containing 18 grams of pure whey protein from grass-fed cows, the whey protein is undenatured, meaning it's not treated with excessive heat or harsh chemicals so you can enjoy a cleaner, less processed protein.

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Sleep Support & Renewal

 Better and more Restful Sleep

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Immune Shake Booster

Help Strengthen and Balance your Immune System for Better Overall Health

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Immune Shake Booster
Heart Shake Booster
IsaOmega Supreme
Isagenix Fruits
Organic Greens
Isagenix Greens
Isagenix Coffee

Personal Care + Beauty

Collagen Elixir

Nourishment that holds the Body Together

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Enhance your natural beauty and illuminate from the inside out with a daily effective dose of Scandinavian marine-sourced collagen peptides. Isagenix Collagen Elixir can give you a boost of collagen which naturally declines as we age and helps nourish your skin from within to keep you radiantly beautiful.

  • 5 g synchronised marine collagen per serve
  • Double Nutri Technology to assist with nutrient absorption
  • Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc
  • 5 g fish protein
  • Superfood ingredients like goji, aloe vera, acerola berry, chamomile and more
  • Preservative Free
  • Zero Oxidation that only glass bottles can provide

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Skincare System

Hydrate, illuminate and rejuvenate with Rejuvity. This powerful skincare system is complete with all 7 unique products, and works synergistically to invigorate your complexion like never before. Experience the power of Rejuvity.

• Smoothes and evens the look of fine lines
• Continuously hydrates
• Protects, nourishes and evens skin tone

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Essential Oils


Apply 1-2 drops of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to skin. To minimize skin sensitivity, mix with a few drops of Isagenix Coconut Application Oil.


Add 1 drop of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to 8 fl oz of liquid. 


Great for Shake & Cleanse Days! 

Do Not Consume:

Airway Blend, Tea Tree, or Eucalyptus Essential Oils


Add 8-10 drops of desired Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil to the Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser to fill the room with aromatic goodness.

Isagenix® Essence - How To Use Our Oils

In the age of modern wellness, finding the right approach to feeling your best is often clouded with differing opinions and unclear information. As leaders in health and wellness, we know a thing or two about leading the way to holistic well-being. We understand that when it comes to essential oils, you might not know where to begin.

Essence by Isagenix does the heavy lifting for you. We’ve cut through the complex science to show you how these no-compromise products can fit in to the Isagenix Systems you already love. We’ve harnessed the power of nature to bring you a high-quality collection of essential oils and blends that you can feel confident using – all while you target your desired results.

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CBD Perpermint Oil Blend

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