Makayla Seger

I am passionate about my Family and Friends, my garden and sewing, and helping other be healthy and wealthy.

Billing, Montana USA

I was 1st introduced to Isagenix a few years ago by my daughter who is a passionate consumer of the Isagenix products. She is a busy mom and wife with a demanding career. She lives the Isagenix life as it has made her life simpler while ensuring her family of three growing boys are getting proper nutrition. I had used some of the shakes off and on, but never really took the time to learn about all the Isagenix products and their benefits. Eventually I faded away as an Isagenix customer.

Then this past year, I began having significant gut issues, having recurring diverticulitis that put me in the ER several tunes. In addition, I was struggling with anxiety, was tired all the time, not sleeping very well, I had gained a lot of weight, as a matter of fact I weighed more than I ever had. That is when my good friend Linda, who is the picture of health and is always so full of energy, asked me if used Isagenix. She took the time to share with me how Isagenix had impacted her and her family’s life both physically and financially. She explained both the products as well as the business opportunity.

I was so desperate to feel better that I thought about it for about 30 seconds, this time committed to using the products consistently. Within a week my gut issues disappeared and over the next 4 months I lost over 30lbs. At 66 years old I am in the best shape of my life and have more energy than I have had in years. 

Having personally witnessed numerous transformations of friends and family using the amazing Isagenix products we have become passionate about sharing the product benefits as well as the business opportunity with anyone that is open to being in the “KNOW”. I just wish I had been open to learning the facts about network marketing sooner in my life.

As a buiness, this is clearly the business opportunity of the 21
st Century. Our partner, ISAGENIX, takes care of making the products, manages the inventory, collects the money, handles shipping and customer service. They provide all the marketing tools to share the product benefits and the business opportunity. We are paid eight different ways for sharing these amazing products with others. We can do this business from the comforts of our home or while on the road in our RV, or visiting our kids, virtually anywhere we have an internet connection.

My husband (Be sure to read Orvilles's story and see his transforamation) and I have joined in, building a team, committed to helping everyone and anyone achieve their goals. If you need more energy, or are struggling with gut health as in my situation, or want to be at a better weight this could be a solution, as feeding our bodies with better nutrition is a solution to feeling better.  Our entire team looks forward to helping you Be Better - Be Isagenix! 

Real People BEing Better