Kevia Cook

Estes Park, Colorado USA

Hi Guys! 

My name is Kevia, I am 28.  My Isagenix journey actually started many years ago, I just didn’t know it yet.  When I turned 25 my body began to change, I started not being able to pull all nighters and feel refreshed on a few hours sleep.  I started to struggle to lose weight and have clear skin. I ignored my sluggish days and poor eating habits as a sign I just needed more sleep or it would be better tomorrow. 

Fast forward a tough two years of feeling the struggle of adulting, feeling sluggish and honestly not liking how I felt in my own skin.  My mom mentioned I had tried Isagenix in my early twenties and I excelled in how I was feeling when working and going to school full time.   I took her motherly advice and came back to Isagenix and I started feeling more motivated, found comfort in a routine and loved not spending hours trying to plan 21 meals a week, now I only have to plan 7 or less depending on cleansing. 

Isagenix is helping me not only connect with others with similar struggles but also find certainty in an uncertain time.  I can’t talk enough about Isagenix and the journey I have been on.  I can’t wait for you to join on your own journey with this amazing team!