Carl & Linda Baltrusch

Billing, Montana USA



Family is our why… We are so grateful for our family and we want the rest of our years to have freedom with them!!!~


For many years Carl and I have operated a 40 year Transportation business. Although it has been very good to us, we live and breathe that industry. It has not given us the freedom that we have been dreaming of for years!!  We had over 60 employees, daily problems, expenses, getting our products to customers on time and everything else that goes along with it!!!~  We sold it back in 2016 and took some time off then started a new one!!  Why, I ask my self as we are back at the grind!! Knowing there is a better, different way in the 21 century to make a living and have fun with Healthy people doing it!!!


We have been using the products since 2007 as I was a gymnast back in my younger years and it took a toll on my body.  After several surgeries and using the products throughout them, I am healthier now than ever!!  My husband has also been using the products and  no energy, stressed out, 40 pounds overweight, so we both decide to do the ISABODY CHALLENGE, he lost 30 pounds got his energy back and could finally sleep well!!

We were hooked!!~ We were product users only as we had enough on our plate for all those years!!


Fast forward TODAY!!  If I knew then what I know now, with under a $1000.00 invested, no employees, you can leverage people, work with a team of people, eat you overhead, help people that are looking to change their life, nutrition and financial blueprint.  It brings me true joy to watch someone get healthy and change their lifestyle!!~



~  We are on a journey to pursuit better community!!~

Family is our why…